What is the actual cost of Long Term Care services in Colorado?

Understanding the actual cost of care will help you better make a decision if Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) is right for you. It is also important to anticipate what the cost of care will be in the future. Important questions are:

What is the difference in cost between the different kinds of care? Such as Home Health Care, Assisted Living and Nursing Home?

Do you think your family’s assets will increase at the same rate as Long Term Care expenses?


 The information on this page will give you a better idea of how to anticipate those costs, and how they will affect your financial goals. You may also read about real stories from others that have experienced the high cost of care here.                                               



How will the cost of care be expected to rise in the future?



Since 1990, the average cost of Long Term Care in Colorado had increased 6.2% per year. That’s a jump of over 124%! We expect that percentage to increase because of our rapidly aging population. Beginning January 1, 2011, over 10,000 people are expected to turn 65 everyday. Look at the graph on the right showing the increase in US aging population. (Based on the 2000 Census) Because of this drastic increase in those expected to need care, Colorado has implemented the Colorado State Partnership program to help its citizens.



Current Rates for Colorado

Rates for facilities and Home Health services vary by location. The rates listed are for an annual basis and are an average for the state of Colorado. Click on the link below the rates to see what defines a type of Long Term Care facility. The link will provide definition on Nursing Homes, Assistant Living facilities, and Home Health Care agencies.  (rates and definitions based on 2010 Genworth Survey and the Long-Term Care insurance sourcebook).


Colorado – State Median: Annual Care Costs in 2010


Nursing Home Care
Private room $79,570
Semi-private room $72,234
Assisted Living Facility
Private, one bedroom $39,900
Adult Day Heath Care
Adult day health care $14,430
Home Care
Home health aide $48,574
Homemaker services



Facility Definitions


These rates are a median for the entire state of Colorado, if you would like more specific information on rates, facilities and services in your area, contact us and we will send you a Senior Resource Guidebook with listings in your area. Or order a Free Long Term Care Shoppers Guide